Ubuntu 9.10 is now out and despite some negative comments, that I suspect are more to do with the beta release than the final release, there is a strong message that this is serious competitor to Windows 7.

I have installed on my laptop and upgraded the desktop and both are working without problems.

If you have not yet tried Linux or Ubuntu I recommend you give it a go. For Windows users there is an easy install, non-destructive, under Windows, that will give you a dual boot system with an easy un-install option. here’s the link: http://wubi-installer.org/ .

I have successfully tried an install/uninstall on a Vista PC.


One response to “Ubuntu

  1. The negativity has been there for every release. The fact it’s moving into relatively mainstream press is what’s new.

    I’ve been around the Ubuntu Forums community for over four years, and every release without fail gets its fair share of “This is the worst release ever.”

    For some reason, Karmic’s criticisms extended far outside of just the Forums, though.

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