Move to Open Office is worth the effort

I have been dabbling with the OO applications for a while now, and after having set my default template to handle A4 paper size etc. have been using the spreadsheet without problems including some vertical look-up tables and other structures. The writer is easy for a basic document but now that I have invested a little time to go further I find it is every bit as good as MS Word for my needs. The last task I have done is to print a mail merge of address labels for our Xmas cards. Two things held me up a little; on Ubuntu, the database application of OO is not automatically installed and this delayed the integration of my address book which I had long ago exported from Outlook to a spreadsheet; and then once that done I had to re-learn the OO way of merging (which has some nice features not in Word to customize your work), it’s not a 100 miles different from Word but one has to become accustomed to the OO interfaces and jargon. All in all worth the effort!! Next task is to play with integrating some MySQL stuff. I found good tips in this blog:


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