Nothing like a bit of fluff!

I’ve been wondering why my tower PC fan has been working overtime recently, I knew the thing had a variable speed to cope with the CPU chip working hard and generating more heat but it seemed the last few weeks to be going crazy as soon there was an antivirus scan running or else  some heavy flash activity in the browser. Oh dear! I forgot that in the last house the PC was on the floor (here it’s on a side table) and consequently had been acting as vacuum cleaner. When I opened it up there was a lot of dust and fluff inside but in particular the heat-sink grill for the cpu chip was almost completely blocked. No wonder the CPU cooling fan was working hard, it was trying to draw air through a solid wall of gunge! Took it all apart, gently brushed and cleaned, using  a real vacuum cleaner, and 30 minutes later I’m back to my almost silent PC.  I’d better take a look in the other PC tomorrow!


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