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This blog is mainly but not exclusively reflecting a view of life and events in the Vendée, France as observed or experienced by myself. I prefer to remain otherwise anonymous, but if you want to contact me leave a comment.

The current header photo is the “Pont d’Yeu” a sand and shingle bank exposed at spring low tides and running westwards from the mainland coast towards the Ile de Yeu for a kilometer or so, (hence the ‘pont’ or bridge).


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  1. After you left a knowledgeable comment on my blog (re colour charts) I had to visit your blog; amazed by technical stuff; and delighted that you live in th Vendée (I spend the summer in Deux Sevres). I have a query you might be in a position to answer. I recently downloaded a HD MP4 file from Interweave Press but the audio and video are way out of synch – I suspect neither Windows Media Player nor Realplayer is up to the job. Can you recommend a decent (and preferably free) player that can handle this?

  2. Yep, tried it, and DivX – I reckon my PC is showings its age and can’t handle the processing required. I’ll try a low definition version of the file…

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