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Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 has been released and as per usual the upgrade went without any problems on both my laptop and net-book (Xubuntu).   If you have not yet tried/switched to Ubuntu I can only suggest you give it a try which, incidentally, you can do by running it from a CD/DVD without actually installing it on your machine! As expected, OneUbuntu cloud is no longer supported but as I posted previously, Dropbox is very well integrated and is performing perfectly for my requirements.


Ubuntu One –> Dropbox

Now that Canonical has announced the withdrawal of the Ubuntu One cloud service later this year I decided to take another look at Dropbox which I have previously tried but abandoned in favour of Ubuntu One’s cross platform capabilities. Well, Dropbox has come along and now the cross platform functionality, at least Ubuntu/Windows, is available in a seamless way. On Ubuntu you can install using the software centre. I’ve re-installed Dropbox and installed the Ubuntu app  and all is running fine with almost immediate notifications of any changes being done to files  being flagged to any platform sharing the account. You can find Dropbox here

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is nothing new, with Microsoft Skydrive, Ubuntu One and others but recently I came across Dropbox a service that is free for the first 2Gig and like the others can be upgraded against payment. What I particularly like about Dropbox is that it is available now across multiple platforms and has the convenience, like Ubuntu One, of having a folder into which you can just drop whatever you want to store.  Ubuntu One has a beta out for Windows which seems to work OK, I don’t know if they plan to roll out across other OS like Mac.