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Plugins for GIMP

There are many plugins available for GIMP, the registry here being a good place to start. Two filter tools in particular caught my eye and I’ve been having fun playing with them both. Firstly FX_Foundry and secondly G’MIC. Both have a vast number of effects that you can apply to be tweak or completely re-model your images. I attach a twirl below which to me looks like a Fresnel lens effect.



Migrating to open source (again)

I have been spending some time to learn a little about using Inkscape recently. I have sporadically used an old version of Adobe Illustrator in the past for the odd job that was best done using vector graphics and the switch to Inkscape was easy and intuitive. The user interface is very quick to pick up, has good keyboard shortcuts and there are more than adequate help files and tutorials to be found on-line. For me this another step to an open-source application that will stay on my PC’s. As with LibreOffice and GIMP it runs on Windows and Linux. You can download from the Inkscape site here