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Libreoffice Hyperlinks

If you have recently upgraded your Libreoffice to and are having problems with your Hyperlinks not working as before then check the “Security” – Options -” and look for the box “Ctrl-click required to follow hyperlinks”. This seems to come on as default irrespective of the state of the security setting in the previous version you had installed. Just un-tick the box and your hyperlinks will work with a simple mouse click.


Upgrade problems

I have recently posted about problems with upgrades to Itunes and LibreOffice, I hadn’t mentioned that I also had some issues downloading any large files and problems with Youtube hanging after about 30 seconds. It occured to me that perhaps the problem was firewall related and I have found on the McAfee forums that indeed it may well be caused by Net Guard, for any others out there here is the link to the forum topic
A release to fix the problem is imminent, if it works I’ll report back.

LibreOffice 3.5 upgrade

I have had some fun today trying to upgrade my Libreoffice (Windows) installation from 3.3.1 to 3.5.x; I kept getting a message to shut down the ‘quickstarter’ in the windows tray; something I had long ago disabled. The ‘’ pages had some issue on upgrading and the solution was first to upgrade to 3.4.6 (still offered as an option on the default downloads page) and then move on to install All OK now and I noted the ‘check for upgrades’ link in the help menu which I think is a new item. All done now and running just fine!

Migrating to open source (again)

I have been spending some time to learn a little about using Inkscape recently. I have sporadically used an old version of Adobe Illustrator in the past for the odd job that was best done using vector graphics and the switch to Inkscape was easy and intuitive. The user interface is very quick to pick up, has good keyboard shortcuts and there are more than adequate help files and tutorials to be found on-line. For me this another step to an open-source application that will stay on my PC’s. As with LibreOffice and GIMP it runs on Windows and Linux. You can download from the Inkscape site here

Switch to ‘LibreOffice’

Since “change is constant”, I have installed LibreOffice this week. Its a rewrite of OpenOffice done by a spin-off group of folks from the OpenOffice world  The Document Foundation who wanted to keep the OpenOffice  code as Open Source. (They were apparently concerned about the code becoming proprietary now that Oracle has bought Sun). They have done a lot of work to clean up the code and whilst I can’t honestly say it seems any slicker than Oo, that’s always a good thing to have some housekeeping. It certainly runs without any problems on Vista and the next Ubuntu release will have this as the default office suite. If you have used Oo then switching is easy and if you haven’t then give it a try, see my previous post on this topic if you are hesitant to make the change.