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Counting down

Down to last few boxes now, date is set to do the état des lieux for the ‘new’ house, and date for the notaire here to sign the act of sale. We are both pretty tired but looking forward to the change and some new scenery. Have had a laugh with some of the old photo’s that we’ve unearthed and have continued to throw out a lot of old things that we were hanging on to for no good reason. the space in the new house is much less than we have here so some trimming down is a necessity.

Amongst the discoveries is what is rapidly becoming a “collection” of calculators, and a gadget for simulating tone dialing back in the days when the transition from pulse to tone was not complete, I needed this to access voicemail from some hotels. More on the calculators later.


After a year of…………

Having been full of good intentions a year ago to start a blog to record the highlights of my early retirement, at least those that might just be of some minor interest to the blogging community, well………….now here we go, better late than never!

We decided to move from “30South” to a location more amenable to a life where there is no commute, either to the office or the airport, and the environment is a little less polluted than here 30km south of Paris.

Having spent a lot of time visiting houses that don’t really add up to what we want we have decided anyhow to sell up and move in to rented property while we continue the search. The move is now less than three weeks away, the moving company has delivered the boxes and we are in the midst of, well, not just packing; It’s more a process of re-discovering goodies we had put away, books long since read but not entirely forgotten, and of course things that were put away and are no longer needed which has meant several trips to the recycling centre.