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Garden – continued

Well, the Gazania seedlings were devoured by a small snail so I have re-seeded the trays and having ‘disposed’ of the snail will keep a close eye on the second batch! Started to dig the vegetable garden and will put out the strawberry plants we bought and sow some carrots. According to my ‘gardening with the moon book’ tomorrow is the last day to sow seeds for a week or so due to the moons phase.



Thanks to the mild weather, I think, the Gazania seeds I planted in the cold frame have started shooting through. I really wasn’t sure that they would get going so quickly, let’s hope we don’t get any severe frosts. I’m encouraged now to start out with some other seeds to see what happens!

Garden plan

It’s that time of year when I start to plan our vegetable garden as well as think about any flowers to start from seeds. It’s way too cold and the ground is still too hard to dig over but I plan by next month to start some plants in the cold frame ready for planting out at the end of March. We certainly plan to grow tomatoes again this year as we did so well in 2010, plus courgettes, carrots and beans. As to what else we are still thinking…
What are you doing? Leave a comment to share your plans.

Happy New Year for 2011

It’s January 1st and the weather here in the Vendée is not too special with low hanging clouds and fog patches. We took a drive to the coast to have a short walk. Even there it was misty and was about 1°c, but the fresh air and exercise did us good!

No photos today, everything is grey, grey and grey.

Le Gois – Spring tides

We went down to the Gois to have a picnic lunch and have never seen so many people there, many just looking and many more fishing/scratching/digging for cockles. When the tide came in may folks got their feet wet due to staying out too far, too long and one motor-caravan had a problem (motor stalled?), stuck on the roadway and was quickly flooded out, the ‘pompiers’ came out with their zodiac boat to rescue them.The photos below show how fast the water comes up as it covers the roadway, there is just 4 minutes between these pictures.

Spring tides

The next few days will see large tidal coefficients again, with a maximum of 116 on Friday (10th) morning, the banner shows Pont d’Yeu sometime last year at a spring tide and I attach another photo taken in March this year, also during spring tides showing even more of the ‘pont’ exposed at low water.

Storm and Pont d’Yeu again

The weekend at the end of February saw a very strong storm hit the west coast of France, more than fifty people died due to flooding, principally due to a breached dyke on the southern Vendée coast but also due to falling trees and other such hazards. The clearing up is still going on and the debate is open again on the topic of building in zones which are liable to flooding.

On the 2nd of March we visited the Pont d’Yeu (again) this time with a tide coefficient of 116 which is the highest for this year. As a consequence of the spring tides and the high winds of the weekend (120-130kms/hr) the dunes and other structures along the coast have taken quite a beating; but with the exceptionally low tide that day we were able to walk out more than 1km along the ‘Pont’, see the Flikr photos for some images.