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Ubuntu 15.10

Just to report that the upgrades all have gone seamlessly as in the past. well done Ubuntu!


LibreOffice 3.5 upgrade

I have had some fun today trying to upgrade my Libreoffice (Windows) installation from 3.3.1 to 3.5.x; I kept getting a message to shut down the ‘quickstarter’ in the windows tray; something I had long ago disabled. The ‘ask.libreoffice.org’ pages had some issue on upgrading and the solution was first to upgrade to 3.4.6 (still offered as an option on the default downloads page) and then move on to install All OK now and I noted the ‘check for upgrades’ link in the help menu which I think is a new item. All done now and running just fine!

Itunes upgrades for Windows

Once again I have had some problems with the upgrade for Itunes on my Windows (Vista) PC, the symptoms were the same as last time in that at a certain point the download just froze and the only way out was to cancel the operation. After searching for a solution I finally  downloaded the entire application and without removing the existing application reinstalled. It ran this way without problems and all my music and podcasts are exactly where they should be. This is not the first time this has happened  and I’m surprised that a company like Apple doesn’t do better testing. Windows is not their ‘home’ OS but they do make the Itunes application available so why not clean up the upgrade process?